Welcome Abigail

Three week before my due date my water broke. Abigail Marlene Keen was born on October 3, 2011 at 6:20am she was 8lbs even and 20 inches long.

Abby and her dad

Abigail and her 2 sisters


Michaela after a long Day

On September 17 the girl had a Primary active that started at 9am. Michaela woke up around 7:30. After the active she had a Birthday party go too. We got home just after 3pm. Michaela had a snack I look over and she was a asleep.


First Flight for Rhyan and Michaela
Just before we boarded the plane
just waiting for take off

Rhyan and Michaela had a blast on the plane. Rhyan is just like her Mom, Nana and her Great-Grandma aka The Greatone we all love the take offs and landings. Michaela I don't think she enjoy the flight as much, but since then she wants to get on a plane again and can't wait for that day to come


Beach Day

Rhyan and Michaela's first time at the beach

Collin, Michaela, Rhyan, and Madison

Rhyan and Nana looking for shells

Rhyan doing a sand angel
Michaela doing sand angels 


Rhyan and Michaela in there Easter dresses.

Thank you Maren for making the dresses