Hair Cut Day

I went in to see what Rhyan and Michaela were doing because it was quiet and that can't be a good thing.  I found  scissors in Michaela's hand and hair all over floor not just her hair but also Rhyan's hair. This was not the first time I found scissors in Michaela's hand about 2 weeks ago she was cut hers and Rhyan's hair it wasn't that bad so  by doing their hair I was able to coverup the short hair. This time their hair had too much cut off to fake I had to fix their hair by cutting it off.Rhyan's hair is now short in the back and Michaela's hair is now short in the front. They are prefect match.   


This was Rhyan's last day of school with Ms Rowan and Ms Dolores

This is Rhyan's class Rebecca , Angel in the back,Rhyan, Ana,  Danni and Nola is in the front
Michaela likes going to sleep on the couch like Rhyan. Michaela changed her mind and climbed into the bouncer. 

I set up the pool for the girls so that they could go swimming ,but they had a different idea. Michaela did not want to wear her bathing suit.So Rhyan went and got the bath toys and took her bathing suit off and the both took a bath in the back yard.